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:wink: Lightweight pure CSS tooltip for the greater good

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:wink: Wenk

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Wenk is a Lightweight tooltip available in pure CSS, cssnext using PostCSS, Less or SCSS.



  • It's Lightweight with the minified version being only 701 bytes when gzipped :scream:
  • It's easy to use
  • It's easy to customize


Install with cdn

<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://unpkg.com/wenk/dist/wenk.css">
<!-- Or -->
<link rel="stylesheet" href="https://cdn.rawgit.com/tiaanduplessis/wenk/master/dist/wenk.css">

Install with Bower

$ bower install wenk

Install with npm

$ npm install wenk

Install with yarn

$ yarn add wenk


Simply add the data-wenk attribute to your HTML with the text you want to display.

<span data-wenk="This is a tooltip!"></span>

You can display the tooltip at different positions using the data-wenk-pos attribute or the .wenk--* class. The default position is at the top.

<span data-wenk="I'm to the right!" data-wenk-pos="right">Wenk to the right!</span>
<span data-wenk="I'm to the left!" data-wenk-pos="left">Wenk to the left!</span>
<span data-wenk="I'm at the bottom!" data-wenk-pos="bottom">Wenk to the button!</span>
<!-- Or -->
<span class="wenk--right" data-wenk="I'm to the right!">Wenk to the right!</span>
<span class="wenk--left" data-wenk="I'm to the left!">Wenk to the left!</span>
<span class="wenk--bottom" data-wenk="I'm at the bottom!">Wenk to the button!</span>

The width of the tooltip can also easily be changed.

<span data-wenk="I'm small!" data-wenk-length="small">Small wenk!</span>
<span data-wenk="I'm medium!" data-wenk-length="medium">Medium wenk!</span>
<span data-wenk="I'm large!" data-wenk-length="large">Large wenk!</span>
<span data-wenk="I fit!" data-wenk-length="fit">I fit just right!</span>
<!-- Or -->
<span data-wenk="I'm small!" class="wenk-length--small">Small wenk!</span>
<span data-wenk="I'm medium!" class="wenk-length--large">Medium wenk!</span>
<span data-wenk="I'm large!" class="wenk-length--large">Large wenk!</span>
<span data-wenk="I fit!" class="wenk-length--fit">I fit just right!</span>

You can also align your text within the container

<p><span data-wenk="I'm right!" class="wenk-align--right">Wenk to the right!</span></p>
<p><span data-wenk="I'm center!" class="wenk-align--center">Wenk in the center!</span></p>


Check out the demo here.

Browser Support

According to doiuse.com the following browsers are currently missing support:

  • IE (8,10)
  • Opera (12.1)
  • Opera Mini (5.0-8.0)
  • IE Mobile (10)

TODO :memo:

  • Add Stylus version


All Contributions are welcome! Please open up an issue if you would like to help out. :smile:


Created with ♥ by Tiaan du Plessis. Licensed under the MIT License.

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