Small browser based local wiki, based on bottlepy

5 years after

localwiki, (c) Tonimir Kisasondi, Distributed under GNU GPL

Did you ever want a local wiki, editable in web browser or that can be populated by your scripts? Well, localwiki is such wiki, it uses bottle (http://bottlepy.org) to include a templating engine, wsgi and a webserver in one python file :)

This is work in progress, so stay tuned for more improvements

How to use localwiki:

Fetch both files

run ./wiki.py

Open localhost:8080 in your browser, which will show all available articles.

use localhost:8080/foo to see article foo use localhost:8080/foo/edit to edit contents of foo use localhost:8080/foo/del to delete foo

The wiki will create it's own database (database) which is a python shelve persistance object, so all data is stored there in key:value pairs. Shelve is just a on-disk dictionary, so you can open it in all your scripts and well, do what ever you want.

And if you wonder why i created such a weird interface, try the following in your browser:

Ctrl+L (focuses on address bar) Tab (Focuses on entry window) Tab (Focuses on submit, enter, submitted :))

So yes, the wiki is made for keyboard using users in mind... More keyboard focused improvements, smarter markup and more stuff in the next commit :)

Have fun...

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