Emacs Major Mode for CoffeeScript

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CoffeeScript Major Mode

An Emacs major mode for CoffeeScript and IcedCoffeeScript, unfancy JavaScript.

Provides syntax highlighting, indentation support, imenu support, a menu bar, and a few cute commands.



Install from the GNU Emacs Lisp Package Archive.

[coffee-mode used to offer automatic deletion of trailing whitespace. This is now left to whitespace-mode. See its documentation for full details, but as a hint, configure:

(setq whitespace-action '(auto-cleanup)) ;; automatically clean up bad whitespace
(setq whitespace-style '(trailing space-before-tab indentation empty space-after-tab)) ;; only show bad whitespace

Then turn on whitespace-mode, or global-whitespace-mode.]


If you're using imenu, coffee-mode should work just fine. This means users of textmate.el will find that ⇧⌘T (textmate-go-to-symbol) mostly works as expected.

If you're not using imenu check out this page or textmate.el for a really awesome way to jump quickly to a function's definition in a file.


If you have easymenu you can get to any of these commands from the menu bar:

coffee-mode menu bar


Please file bugs at

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