Apache Kafka from Scratch

Included here are the slides that will be used for the tutorial, in three formats: * Powerpoint (PPTX) * PDF Color * PDF Grayscale (Handout - 2 slides per page)

In addition, there are two scripts that are used in the tutorial: * python-producer.py * python-consumer.py

As a bonus, there are two items which are not really part of the tutorial, but which you should find useful: * kafka_ch02.pdf This is a VERY early draft of a book chapter on how to install Kafka, as well as hardware selection, tuning, configuration, and production concerns

* kafka-assigner.py
  This is a script, written at LinkedIn, which can be used for managing
  partition balance in a Kafka cluster, beyond what the basic Kafka
  tools can do. This includes easily adding and removing brokers from
  a cluster, as well as rebalancing partitions across a cluster.

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