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Mediawiker is a plugin for Sublime Text editor that adds possibility to use it as Wiki Editor on Mediawiki based sites like Wikipedia and many other.

Sublime Text plugin: Mediawiker

Mediawiker is a plugin for Sublime Text editor (ver. 23) that adds possibility to use it as Wiki Editor on Mediawiki based sites like Wikipedia and many other.

Main features

  • MWClient library based.
  • Syntax highlighting - improved version of the Textmate Mediawiki bundle.
  • Editor - create new pages, edit existing and post it to wiki.
  • Completions - auto completions for internal wiki links
  • History - list of edited pages
  • Bookmarks - bookmark your favorite pages
  • TOC - table of contents for opened page - available through command Show TOC or Symbol list (Ctrl+R)
  • Insert templates, images into pages
  • Upload files to wiki
  • Search - search by wiki
  • Table editor - edit simple wiki-tables with plugin TableEdit, convert csv-format tables to wiki-tables.
  • Snippets - basic wiki marking tags - bold, italic, headings, etc.
  • Edit panel - all commands and snippets available through one panel.
  • Shortcuts - possibility to create plugin specific shortcuts to all commands and snippets to create word-like editor.
  • Connectivity - http/https, direct/proxy connection with basic/digest web-server authorization.
  • Connection manager - add new wiki sites, and switch between them.
  • Page preview - possibility to preview page before posting with some preview customization options.
  • Text folding - folding/unfolding page blocks by headers, tags, templates, html comments.
  • Notifications - show notifications as menu.
  • Context opening - possibility to open included page, template, function by inline context.

Subime Text Wiki editor plugin - Mediawiker Screenshot using the Mediawiker_Dark color scheme


Package Control

Package Control 3.0 now required for work on Linux.

The easiest way to install this is with Package Control.

  • If you just went and installed Package Control, you probably need to restart Sublime Text 2 before doing this next bit.
  • Bring up the Command Palette (Command+Shift+p on OS X, Ctrl+Shift+p on Linux/Windows).
  • Select “Package Control: Install Package” (it’ll take a few seconds)
  • Select Mediawiker when the list appears.

Package Control will automatically keep Mediawiker up to date with the latest version.

Other methods

First find your Sublime Text 2 Packages folder:

- OS X: ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2/Packages/
- Windows: %APPDATA%/Sublime Text 2/Packages/
- Linux: ~/.Sublime Text 2/Packages/

If you have Git, you can clone this repo to “/packages-folder/Mediawiker/”


Download this repo using the “ZIP” button above, unzip and place the files in “/packages-folder/Mediawiker/”


  • Note: Not all color schemes fully supports syntax highlighting scopes required by markup languages like Mediawiki or Markdown. On this moment, color schemes with better support are: Twilight, Sunburst, Eiffel. Also, Mediawiker package includes Twilight (Mediawiki), Eiffel (Mediawiki) and Mediawiker_Dark/Mediawiker_Light schemes with improved highlighting for mediawiki syntax.
  • Check plugin wiki for setup instructions.
  • Use Preferences / Package settings / Mediawiker / “Settings - Default” and “Settings - User” for setup wiki connection and plugin options.
  • Some connection specific rules:
    • If user-name is empty, then authorization will not be used.
    • If user-name is not empty, but user-password is empty, you will be prompted for password on action.
  • All settings are available under the Main menu / Preferences / Package Settings / Mediawiker.


  • Edit panel with all commands and snippets in ordered list (can be customized in the settings).
    • Main menu / Tools / Mediawiker / Edit panel (windows, osx: Alt+F1, linux: Ctrl+Shift+F1)
  • Open page command for retrieving existing wiki-page. If the page does not exists, you can create the new one.
    • Main menu / Tools / Mediawiker / Open page
  • Use page name or page url as a wiki page name. When the url will be inserted, it will be cleared to page name, if wiki parameters is correct and current wiki site was selected.
  • Reopen page command - to reopen current page (F5).
  • Post page command for publishing pages. When you post a page, the name of the page will be saved to pages history.
    • Main menu / Tools / Mediawiker / Post page
    • Settings option mediawiker_mark_as_minor (default: false) - using to mark changes as minor. Or you can use ! character as summary prefix to invert this option on current post.
  • Pages history command to open the page by name from history.
  • Show TOC command for show table of contents of the current page and to move by page headers. Or you can use standard Symbol list (Ctrl+R).
  • Show internal links command for show all internal links of the current page. You can go to selected link on page, open it in editor or in browser.
  • Show external links command for show all external links of the current page (links like [link..]). You can go to selected links on page or open it in browser.
  • Select wiki command to select your current wiki site.
  • Add/Edit wiki site command for create new or edit existed wiki sites configurations.
  • Open page in browser command to open current page in web-browser.
  • Set category command to add category to current article from list of root category members (check “mediawiker_category_root” option in configuration).
  • Insert image command to insert link to image from wiki. Parameter mediawiker_image_prefix_min_length is using to limit length of search prefix for large wikies (by default: 4 characters).
  • Insert template command to insert template from wiki.
  • Search command to search articles by text string. Results are shown as markdown formatted text in a new tab. Parameter mediawiker_search_results_count is using to limit search results count.
  • Category tree command to show sub-categories and pages of the predefined category as menu.
  • Numbered TOC command to set headers as numbered list (format 1.1.1.).
  • File upload for uploading files to wiki
  • CSV data to wiki table command to transform selected csv-text to wiki table (default delimiter since version 2.0: |).
  • (Buggy) Wiki table to Simple command to transform the selected table (or under cursor) to Simple table (for using with plugin TableEdit).
  • (Buggy) Simple table to wiki command to convert Simple table back to wiki syntax.
  • Native Sublime text Command palette with predefined filter of plugin’s commands and snippets.
    • Alt+F11

Predefined mediawiki sites settings

Note: You must setup your credentials for authorization in the settings.

You can add your favorite sites in the settings.

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Mediawiker is a plugin for Sublime Text editor that adds possibility to use it as Wiki Editor on Mediawiki based sites like Wikipedia and many other. ...

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