Daemon that continuously collects all selections in Xorg's clipboard buffers and saves them in a plaintext file for later retrieval. Can be used with dmenu.

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=head1 NAME

clipbored - continuously collects all selections in Xorg's clipboard buffers


clipbored [OPTIONS]


B is a daemon that continuously grabs all non-duplicate selections in the clipboard buffers and writes them to a plaintext history file for later use.

There are several scripts distributed with clipbored that'll use the history file for different purposes.

=head2 Scripts

dmenurl - launch dmenu with all previously yanked URLs for you to select from.

dmenuclip - launch dmenu listing all previously clipboarded content

sorter - it moves the content to the end of the file after using, so you will have the last clipboarded content in the top of dmenuclip

=head1 OPTIONS

-l, --last show the n latest additions -c, --clear clear all history -n, --no-daemon do not detach from the shell -k, --kill kill a running clipbored session -h, --help show this help -m, --man display the manual -v, --version show version info


The history file location is $XDG_DATA_HOME/clipbored/clips

The X selection to use can be specified by setting the B environment variable.

If unset, or set to I , text is grabbed from the B buffer. When text is selected with the mouse, or piped through xclip/xsel with zero arguments, it ends up here. This is most likely what you want.

If set to I, text is grabbed from the B buffer. Data ends up in this buffer when an explicit action is taken to cut/copy text; used in many GUI environments.

To the best of my knowledge, the I buffer is rarely used at all.

The helper scripts can read properties from environment variables. These are recognized:

CLIPBORED_DMENU_LISTMODE regular/vertical CLIPBORED_DMENU_NORMAL_FG foreground color in HEX CLIPBORED_DMENU_NORMAL_BG background color in HEX CLIPBORED_DMENU_SELECT_FG selected item background color in HEX CLIPBORED_DMENU_SELECT_BG selected item foreground color in HEX CLIPBORED_DMENU_FONT font that will be used CLIPBORED_DMENU_LINES how many lines that will be shown in vertical mode CLIPBORED_X_SELECTION X buffer to use: primary, secondary, clipboard

=head1 AUTHOR

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Magnus Woldrich CPAN ID: WOLDRICH [email protected]


Markus Weimar suggested we should be able to pick the clipboard buffer to use. Since I very rarely use any GUI applications, I wasn't aware of the fact that when CTRL+C/CTRL+V etc is used, it goes into the XA_CLIPBOARD buffer instead of the XA_PRIMARY, probably rendering clipbored somewhat useless to the users using these types of applications. :)


Report bugs to L[email protected] or L<use the issue tracker|>.

clipbored home page: L


Copyright 2010, 2011 the Bs L and L as listed above.

=head1 LICENSE

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself.


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