A client, written in Clojure


A client, written in Clojure.


Clojars Project


(ns my.project
    :require [deepstream-client-clj.core :as ds])

Login and Authentication

Make sure a server is running!

Establishing a client creates a TCP connection to a deepstream server and returns a duplex stream

(def c (ds/client "localhost" 6021))

(ds/authenticate c) or (ds/authenticate c "Username" "password") for named authentication


(ds/listen-to-event c "SomeEvent")

(ds/unlisten-from-event c "SomeEvent")

(ds/subscribe-to-event c "SomeEvent")

(ds/unsubscribe-from-event c "SomeEvent")

(ds/publish-event c "SomeEvent" {:a 1})

note: the data {:a 1} to be published can be an arbitrarily deeply nested clojure map. It must be comprised of native JS objects as it gets converted to stringified-JSON before sending to the server.


(ds/listen-to-record c "RecordPrefix")

(ds/unlisten-from-record c "RecordPrefix")

(ds/read-create-record c "RecordName")

(ds/update-entire-record c "RecordName" VersionNumber {:a 1})

(ds/patch-record c "RecordName" VersionNumber path value)

(ds/delete-record c "RecordName")

Handling returned data | events from the server

(ds/handle-incoming-msgs c handler-fn)

note: the user-defined handler-fn has one paramater, message, which when passed as the argument processes each message as it arrives from the server. e.g:

;; example implementation of a handler-fn:
(defn my-handler [message]
    (println message))

RPCs are not yet implemented.

WebRTC may not get implemented (unless there is pitchfork-fervor level demand to build a ClojureScript client.. :)

Huge thanks to @ztellman and others, for writing the great libraries that largely power this client. And of course to the good folks at deepstream, for making a great product.

Pull Requests welcome


Copyright © 2016 tuddman

Distributed under the MIT License (same as

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A client, written in Clojure ...

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