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Herculeum is a dungeon adventuring game in a spirit of Rogue and Nethack. Player assumes the role of an adventurer whose people have been trapped inside of the labyrinth under city of Herculeum. The adventurer has been preparing for the escape for a long time and now it is finally time to start the journey.

The game is in early stages still, but it is already possible to move around, fight, loot hidden caches and use some basic items.

System Requirements

  • Python 3.4
  • PyQt4
  • decorator 3.4.0
  • hy 0.11.0
  • docopt 0.6.1



The game is copyrighted by Tuukka Turto and released under MIT license.

Game uses graphics downloaded from TomeTik

Some tiles have been drawn by David E. Gervais and are published under the Creative Commons licence.

Some tiles, in Dungeon Odyssey “Xerathul’s Revenge” module have been drawn by Henk Brouwer.

Some graphics is from

Some graphics is from and are distributed under a CC-BY-SA 3.0 license. Great palette by DawnBringer.

A star implementation adapted from one by Pauli Henrikki Rikula

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