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The HaskellR project provides an environment for efficiently processing data using Haskell or R code, interchangeably. HaskellR allows Haskell functions to seamlessly call R functions and vice versa. It provides the Haskell programmer with the full breadth of existing R libraries and extensions for numerical computation, statistical analysis and machine learning.

Getting Started & Documentation

All documentation is available on the HaskellR website.

Developing HaskellR

If you wish to work on HaskellR itself or any of its constituent packages, you’ll need stack. Once installed, check out the official source repository using

# Equivalent to git clone
$ hub clone tweag/HaskellR

Then, you can build all the packages in the project using

$ stack setup
$ stack build

See the stack documentation for further information on how to run tests, benchmarks, or build the API documentation. You can do all of that at once with

$ stack build --test --haddock --bench

Optionally, pass in the --docker flag to all commands if you wish to develop inside a Docker container for more reproducible builds.

Optionally, pass in the --nix flag to all commands if you have the Nix package manager installed. Nix can populate a local build environment including all necessary system dependencies without touching your global filesystem. Use it as a cross-platform alternative to Docker.


Copyright © 2013-2015 Amgen, Inc.
Copyright © 2015-2016 Tweag I/O Limited.

All rights reserved.

HaskellR is free software, and may be redistributed under the terms specified in the LICENSE file.


Tweag I/O

HaskellR is maintained by Tweag I/O.

Have questions? Need help? Tweet at @tweagio.

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