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quickly add an open-source license to your project


Tool for adding open source licenses to your projects

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Finding and adding a license to your project is an annoying process, and can be quite tedious depending on the license you choose.

Licenser allows you to quickly add a license to your project from the command line. Supported licenses can be found in the assets folder.

Don’t see what you need? Open an issue to suggest the addition of other licenses!


  • Python 2.7 or Python 3.5


    $ pip install licenser

Alternatively, grab the zip!


From the command line:

$ licenser -n "Your Name" -e "[email protected]" -l "license name" -p "project name"

Name, email, and license are the three required parameters; project will default to the current directory name if you don’t include it.

--txt will add the .txt extension to the LICENSE file.


If you’re like me and don’t change your name very often, you can save time by storing your defaults for name, email, and license in ~/.licenser:

name="Your Name"
email="[email protected]"


I accept pull requests! There are some potential improvements I’ve been thinking about:

  1. Prepending headers to source code files for licenses that recommend it
  2. Pull licenses from an online API (maybe)
  3. Support for more licenses

Tip: While working on a feature or bug, you can test your script by running python licenser from the root project directory.

Additionally, make sure that all tests pass when you add features, and write new unit tests if you add a function. Tests can be run using the nosetests command from the root project directory.

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