A curated list of awesome ActionScript frameworks, libraries and software.

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A curated list of awesome ActionScript frameworks, libraries, components and engines.

User Interface

UI Components

  • MinimalComps - Minimal ActionScript 3.0 UI Components for Flash
  • robertpenner/MinimalComps - MinimalComps are a set of minimal user interface components for use in ActionScript 3.0 based projects. See:
  • Extended-MinimalComps - Rework of popular MinimalComps library, upgraded for data binding, relative resizing, ASML builder and more ...
  • MadComponents - Popular Mobile UI Framework for AS3 / AIR
  • razor - Razor UI components for Actionscript 3
  • flame - Flame is an ActionScript library that provides a number of useful UI controls, collections, cryptographic services, and utilities to work with the Flex SDK.
  • Flux - Lightweight Actionscript 3.0 UI framework alternative to Flex.
  • AsWing - Open Source Flash ActionScript GUI framework
  • Drops - ActionScript 3 UI components
  • cabin - UI component library for Actionscript 3.
  • as3-mingus - An Actionscript 3 Animation and UI library.
  • KafeComponent - Easy to use components for Flash, designed for animators.
  • sl2d-framework - A actionscript 2d ui/game framework using new GPU acceleration API
  • skyui - SkyUI interface mod for Skyrim.
  • GPUI - tiny GPU [Stage3D] based GUI
  • LeUI - leui --an as3(actionscript 3.0) ui framework
  • OpenZoom sdk - Open Source Toolkit for Multiscale Images and Zoomable User Interfaces (ZUIs)
  • as3commons-ui - UI Related Algorithms and Managers
  • punk.ui - FlashPunk Community UI Project
  • Flex-4.5-Android-Component-Library - Android UI Components built for Flex 4.5
  • FlexLite framework - an Open Source UI Framework for Flash Games!
  • papaguiskin - Skins for FeathersUI (Starling based UI component library)
  • flexwires - Drag-and-drop wiring UI for Adobe Flex
  • FlexMXMLAndQNXUIComponents - A small library to allow QNX UI components to be used in MXML (Flex or Non-Flex apps)
  • foxhole-legacy - Flash UI components for the classic display list. Check out the Feathers project for Starling UI components.
  • fluid-feathers - Fluent interfaces for declarative description of GUI in FeathersUI also in Starling frameworks
  • PBGUI - A Minimal Components GUI for Pixel Bender shaders
  • Rookie-Components - 基于Starling的一套简单的UI组件
  • applicationupdaterui - Custom ApplicationUpdaterUI component for using AIR Update Framework in Flex 4
  • ActionScript-DataProvider-Controls - Library of standard user interface components
  • materia-prima - low-barrier open source graphical user interface, developed by University of Amberg-Weiden. You need actionscript skills and Adobe Flash knowledge.
  • As3-Bloom - Bloom is a light weight user interface framework for developers. Based on wonderful code from Xin Hou
  • ParallaxScrollingAS3 - A straightforward parallax scrolling demonstration in ActionScript 3, also shows embedding
  • Parallax-Scrolling - A parallax scrolling engine for ActionScript 3.0
  • BitmapScroller - This is a small Blitting engine to scroll bitmaps of any size.
  • as3scrollinglist - AS3 Scrolling List for Android and iOS devices
  • Air-Mobile-ScrollController - Everything you need to have scrolling in your Adobe Air application that feels native on mobile (iOS, Android)
  • TouchScrolling - TouchScrollManager ("kinetic" touch scrolling) for AS3 (Flash platform) development
  • BlastedMouseWheelBlock - Blocks simultaneous scrolling of flash file and browser, including buggy chrome mouseWheel!
  • BitmapDataCollectionSampler - This is a small blitting engine to allow you to horizontally scroll several bitmaps as if they were one large image.
  • Continuous-Scrolling-Slideshow- - This is a continuous (infinite/looping) slideshow component for Adobe Flex
  • components-thumbScroller - Continuous 'infinite' Image Thumbnail Scrolling Component
  • as3_clip_flipper - Actionscript 3 classes for animated flipping of 'two-sided' display objects. (Think OS X Dashboard Widgets)

Flex Components

  • Apache Flex SDK - Mirror of Apache Flex SDK
  • Apache Flex TLF - Mirror of Apache Flex TLF
  • Apache Flex Whiteboard - Mirror of Apache Flex - Whiteboard (Incubating)
  • caelum-stella-flex - Porte do Caelum Stella para Actionscript/Flex
  • flex-choropleth-map-component - An old, unmaintained choropleth map component built with Adobe Flex / ActionScript
  • reflex-components - A standard component set built on the ActionScript 3 component framework Reflex.
  • flexlib - Open Source Flex components library.
  • reflex-framework - Complete RIA component framework
  • flexlayouts - An open source library of custom Flex 4 layouts
  • flex-4-tree - The missing Spark Tree for Flex 4 (includes mobile support!)
  • GraphMind - Mindmap flex tool for Drupal.
  • flex-autocomplete - Advanced Flex AutoComplete component which supports browsing, selecting and ordering multiple items.
  • flex-Android-Material-Skins - Android Material Skins for Flex Mobile
  • astra-flex - Fork of Astra Flex components
  • reflex-library - A collection of third party Reflex components
  • flexlite-extended - An extension of the framework,for tool developing.
  • Falcon - responsive/flexible mobile ui controls for Feathers
  • flex-maps - the definitive solution for maps in Apache Flex
  • radar-chart - A flex component for creating radar (spider) graphs
  • ObjectHandles - Actionscript / Flex 3 open source library for moving and resizing on screen objects.
  • Ahilla - Actionscript 3 / Flex Hijri Calendar
  • QuickAssetSkinningLib - Library for skinning ActionScript and Flex with very light assets
  • BioinfoGuiElements - Flex/AIR/ActionScript 3.0 gui elements used by different projects
  • appmdi - APP-MDI (Application Multiple Document Interface) is a library in ActionScript 3 for Flex application witch need an environment similar to desktop applications.
  • swiz-framework - Swiz framework for AS3 and Flex
  • Elastic-Lists - Elastic Lists are a fluid, rich interface for facet browsing. Apache licensed, AS3 project for use in Flash CS4 or Flex.
  • AS3-Flex-Library - BabelFx localization (l10n) library implemented as extensions to the Flex Swiz IoC framework (v1.x)
  • mate - Mate Flex Framework
  • FlexGauge - A standalone Gauge component for Flex 4
  • mesh - A model centric persistence framework for Flex.
  • flight-framework - An application framework for Flash and Flex
  • silvergreen - Adobe Flex Theme base on 4.6.x namde SilverGreen
  • spark-components - Spark components for use with Flex 4.
  • Flex-Mobile-In-Action - Code for the book: Flex Mobile In Action
  • FTheme - Adobe Flex 4 runtime look & feel customization library
  • FlexBook - An awesome Page Flip component done in Flex.
  • FlexAndroidDemos - Adobe Flex Demos and Sample Code for AIR apps on Android


  • Starling-Framework - The Cross Platform Game Engine
  • Starling-Extension-Particle-System - A particle system for the Starling framework, compatible with the "Particle Designer" from
  • Feathers UI Components - User interface components for Starling Framework
  • StarlingGAFPlayer - Starling GAF Player is an ActionScript 3 library that allows developer easily to play back animations in GAF format using Starling framework. GAF is a solution that allows porting animations created in Flash Pro into an open format GAF and play back them in different popular frameworks, such as Starling, Unity3d, Cocos2d-x and other.
  • as3AmisFramework - Adobe Air - ActionScript 3 - Starling - Set of classes built on top of Starling to help creating apps
  • Starling-Extension-Graphics - flash.display.Graphics style extension for the Starling Flash GPU rendering framework
  • Starling-Filters - A collection of filters for use with the Starling AS3 framework.
  • SpriterAS - An AS3 library for rendering Spriter Animations (SCML) with Starling
  • StarlingFeathers - 整合Starling+Feathers 还有一些Starling扩展
  • StarlingPunk - StarlingPunk is a framework built on top the Starling library designed to add structure and organization to your 2D game projects. It’s perfect for rapidly prototyping ideas and promotes code reuse between projects. As you may have been able to tell from the name, StarlingPunk is heavily inspired by the popular FlashPunk framework, although its not a direct port.
  • Fruitfly - A library for dynamic creation of Starling display objects from native Flash display objects
  • pixelmask - A Starling Extension to provide pixel based masking for Starling display objects
  • SpriterMC - An AS3 Starling implementation for importing skeletal (and non-skeletal) animations generated with Spriter
  • StarlingFullScreenExtension - Starling fullscreen no stretch extension. Makes multi-resolution support a breeze.
  • starling-preloader - An example preloader for Starling Framework running in Adobe Flash Player in a web browser
  • flat2d - a 2D Game Engine that uses Nape, Starling, and Signals
  • PullToRefresh - This library aims to provide a reusable Pull to Refresh widget for Adobe AIR mobile. It was based on Starling Framework. The inherited component is allowed to display a “loading” busy indicator at the top of the list and dispatch a event.
  • StarlingRendererPlus - Starling deferred shading and post-fx extension
  • Starling-extensions-filter - 基于Starling的滤镜扩展
  • FlashMovieClipConverter - The github home for ShaneSmit's public movieclip converter for Starling
  • StarlingVideoExample - A simple example demonstrating StageVideo under a Starling stage.
  • StarlingDynamicShadows2D - Starling deferred renderer sample project
  • StarlingChinese - Starling Framework i18n for Chinese
  • TMX_Starling - Support for loading TMX maps ( on Starling Framework
  • Starling_Dynamic_TextureAtlas_Generator - A dynamic texture atlas generator for Starling.
  • TLFControlSprite - Starling TLFControlSprite: 图文混排,Starling的图文混排类。
  • DynamicAtlasCreator - Helps create Starling Texture Atlas dynamically from a single super atlas (2048, ipad retina screen width based)
  • benoitfreslon-layoutmanager - A visual layout manager. Build layouts with the Flash IDE for the Starling Framework and compatible with the CitrusEngine Framework.
  • skeleton - as3 skeleton for starling
  • as3isolib_starling - as3isolib starling port
  • Starling-UITool - StarlingUI导出工具。 需要FlashPro作为编辑器。 导出SWF然后读取数据。
  • Starling-Extension-Parallax-Layer - Starling custom Sprite to create Parallax Scrolling layers
  • Starling-PanelScroll - A version of the Greenshok PanelScroll developed with Starling.
  • StarlingPageFlip - Some Starling demos: Page Flip, 3D Cloud, Image Wrapper
  • Starling-Extension-BatchRenderer - Custom rendering extension for Starling-Framework. It lets you render with custom geometries, vertex formats, shaders and batch all of these on a single render pass.
  • Starling-Particle-Editor - Actionscript 3 Flash tool to create particle effect files (.pex) compatible for use with Starling and Sparrow frameworks.
  • Starling-FFParticleSystem - Improved particle system for the Starling framework
  • Starling-Extension-AnimatedParticle-System - Create particle systems for the Starling Framework using sprite sheet animations.
  • QuadtreeSprite-Extension - QuadtreeSprite extensions for Starling. Enables efficient handling of large number of children DisplayObjects.


  • TransformTool - Free Transform Tool (AS, JS) for manipulating objects in 2D space.
  • AS3-Nimble - Nimble is an open source lightweight fluid layout class for use with ActionScript 3
  • Argilla-Mosaic - ActionScript 3 dynamic layout library.
  • aslayout - Simple layout framework for Actionscript 3
  • xrope - Simple layout library for native as3 display objects.
  • coordy - coordy is a Flash layout toolkit that allows you to easily organize items in various layout patterns.
  • miglayout-as - Port of MigLayout to ActionScript, a superbly versatile Flash/Flex/FlashCocoa (SWT/Swing/JavaFX) layout manager that makes layout problems trivial. It is using String or API type-checked constraints to format the layout. MigLayout can produce flowing, grid based, absolute (with links), grouped and docking layouts.
  • FBoxModel - A BoxModel display for Flash
  • lhasa - Layout Handler for ActionScript Applications. Basically a lower-level set of display related classes to automatically manage laying out child objects.
  • larrio - Actionscript 3.0 layout and scrolling framework
  • Flow - A Flash layout, effects, data binding, remoting framework designed to be used instead of Flex when performance is essential and download size should be minimal. Licensed under MIT
  • as3viewnavigator - This is a simple as3 library giving functionality similar to ViewNavigator that comes with Flex Hero to your pure flash/as3 projects.


  • AS3TouchLib - AS3 touch library for read CCV TCP/FlashXML data , TUIO UDP/TCP or TouchEvents from other devices and dispatch MouseEvent's and TouchEvent's on flash display list like native devices
  • Gestouch - Gestouch: multitouch gesture recognition library for Flash (ActionScript) development.
  • ache-gesture - Gesture recognition framework for Adobe AIR Mobile App based on Starling
  • GestureRecognition - Simple gesture recognition in ActionScript3
  • gesturesio-as3 - Gestures.IO - AS3 library and demos -
  • graffiti-as3-drawing-lib-touch - ActionScript 3 Drawing library made for touch devices.
  • TweetCards - An ActionScript Twitter client that can compiled for and run on the iPhone or iPod touch.
  • GestouchExamples - Examples for Gestouch library.
  • TouchScript.as3 - Multitouch framework for Flash



  • CameraFocus - a 2D camera helper class for ActionScript 3.0 projects / Starling Framework
  • jQuery-AS3-Webcam - jQuery wrapper for capturing web camera images written with ActionScript 3
  • camera_upload - A simple actionscript uploader doing multipart form submission
  • CameraDetection - as3 camera detection so you don't have to
  • StarlingCamera - A camera component that integrates with the Starling Framework (AS3)
  • Fluocam - This is a virtual camera developed in Action Script 3 (AS3) for Starling applications
  • sinatra_photo_booth - Sinatra Photo Booth is a simple open source application to save webcam snapshots using actionscript and sinatra.
  • AS3-Motion-Tracker - A simple webcam based motion tracker written in Actionscript 3.0
  • mtm1525-webcam - Utilize provided Actionscript files to animate image capture
  • simplevideochat - A simple webcam video chat with two partner. This is powered by red5 as server and flex/actionscript as client.
  • jQuery-webcam - A webcam wrapper plugin for jQuery
  • openbooth - Open source webcam photo booth
  • WebcamRecorder - A chromeless ActionScript 3 Library for video/audio/still image recording from webcams.
  • Foscam-Flex - MJPEG IP CAM in AS3 - Air for Android


  • standingwave3 - AS3 dynamic audio library
  • radioclouds - Social graph/radio based on soundcloud api. Written in ActionScript 3
  • soundfx - ActionScript Sound Effects Library
  • bfxr - Flash + AIR sound effects generator. Based on Sfxr.
  • SoundAS - A modern lightweight sound manager for AS3.
  • soundtouch-as3 - AS3 Port of the SoundTouch Sound Processing Library
  • somacore_framework - SomaCore is a lightweight event-based AS3 MVC framework.
  • as3-Sound-Manager - this is an upgrated version of the Sound Manager Class from Matt Przybylski. See
  • as3sfxr - A port of sfxr from C++ to AS3, using the new sound and file capabilities of Flash Player 10.
  • FlashComposer - An algorithmic music composer written in ActionScript 3
  • as3wavsound - Native support to play .wav files directly in Flash
  • as3soundeditorlib - Sound playback, spectrum display, and cue point display
  • boscaceoil - A simple music making program
  • as3icy - A humble attempt to decode MP3 and parse/play Shoutcast, Icecast and Limewire streams with embedded metadata in AS3
  • SiON - Flash Software Synthesizer
  • january - Generative music tool that involves licking snowflakes.
  • cmp - cenfun music player
  • AS3-SoundFont-Parser - An as3 utility library for reading SoundFont (sf2) files and extracting their samples as wavs. The project contains a demo application "SoundFontParserDemo.mxml" in the demo folder. It shows how to use the library to extract the sample waveforms as WAV files.
  • actionscript-publisher - live-streaming to EdgeCast via RTMP from a web browser.
  • as3-audio - Audio Management in Actionscript
  • Pronto - Pronto is an ActionScript 3 framework that provides simple solutions to common Flash needs such as playing videos, service requests, view management, and audio management.
  • standingwave3-addons - This Actionscript (AS3) framework was created to facilitate use of the powerful standingwave3 audio framework developed by maxl0rd written with Adobe Alchemy. This codebase was birthed out of the need for an easy audio looping solution. Examples of use are provided. The standingwave3 framework is available here:
  • makemachine.actionscript - AS3 ui, utils and audio programming
  • FlashWavRecorder - Simple flash file for recording audio and saving as a WAV
  • ParticleNodeSequencer - An experimental particle based audio sequencer, created in Flash using Tonfall; the new open source AS3 audio engine produced by Andre Michelle
  • local-audio-recorder - Local audio recorder (no streaming server required). Currently requires Flash Player 10.1 or above.
  • pushtape-player.js - A customizable JS audio page player with global playback controls, based on Soundmanager2.
  • Sequencer - Audio Sequencer - Actionscript
  • playcorder-core-as3 - Audio playing and recording component based on Flash with intuitive Javascript API
  • Jukebox - Music manager for Actionscript 3 projects
  • Soundcloud-AS3-API - Universal Soundcloud API wrapper for Flash, Flex and AIR projects, written in ActionScript 3.0. Please report any bugs in the Issues section.
  • SeiON - Actionscript Sound Management Library
  • Sound-Manager-Actionscript-3.0 - Sound manager class for use with Flash projects usually compiled with Flash Builder or FDT.
  • SoundEngine - ActionScript Sound engine designed to use on Flash games
  • Sound - Partial JS interface to ActionScript's Sound class
  • Flod - AS3 Amiga SoundTracker (MOD) and FastTracker (XM) Replay Library
  • SoundSpectrum - HML 5 Sound Spectrum analyzer
  • mp3-player - MP3 Player


  • PicEditor - The revolutionary Picnik photo editor with all branding removed, open sourced under the Apache 2.0 license
  • as3-psd-parser - ActionScript 3 PSD Parser
  • PSD2SWF - PSD to SWF converter
  • as3-image-library - Collection of Actionscript 3 image processing libraries
  • as3_image_tiler - Actionscript 3 class for loading an external image and tiling it.
  • E-EditUploader - A online image eidtor wriiten in ActionScript
  • starling-imagebatch - Optimized Image batching for Starling.
  • Async-Image-Encoders - Asynchronously encode BitmapData objects into image file format
  • nano - DEPRECATED: Lightweight multiscale image viewer based on OpenZoom SDK
  • AlphaExporter - An Alpha Exporter for transparent images
  • Scale9Image - Optimized scale9Grid image for starling
  • BitmapAnimation - ActionScript 3 class that renders a MovieClip or FLV to a sequence of bitmaps.
  • bitmapdata-scale9 - Actionscript Bitmapdata Scale9
  • picmagick - A simple Flash (ActionScript) based photo editor
  • FlodXM - ActionScript 3 (AS3) XM Tracker Player
  • Flip-Planes-AS3 - photo slideshow effect
  • mxPhotoOrganizer - Flex (Adobe AIR) ActionScript Photo Library App (academic term project)
  • PhotonDemo - Actionscript 3 Photon Cloud Demo
  • tricloud - :cloud: Online Photoshop clone built in ActionScript 3.0
  • as3-transitions-lib - Image Transitions Library for Actionscript 3
  • ASImageLib - bmp,png decoder for actionscript
  • joyce - High performance ActionScript 3 Image loading and Processing Toolkit
  • as3gif - AS3GIF lets you play and encode animated GIF's with ActionScript 3.
  • Inspirit Image - Actionscript 3.0 library for FFT, SURF, edge detection, fluid solver, etc
  • Inspirit GPUImage - AS3 framework for GPU-based image processing
  • Flash-Animated-GIF-Library - A wicked fast and robust AS3 library for playing Animated GIFs in Flash.
  • async-gif-decoder - An asynchronous GIF decoder written in ActionScript 3 that lets you play animated GIFs in flash without freezing the UI.
  • as3potrace - POTrace implementation in AS3, to trace bitmap images to vector.
  • ATF-Encoder - Pure AS3 librairies for encode/decode ATF (Adobe Texture Format) files.
  • as3-klt - Kanade-Lucas-Tomasi feature tracker implementation in as3


  • Firetype - Actionscript 3 library to parse OpenType fonts and render them using Stage3D
  • BMFontRenderer - AS3 renderer for bitmap font data in the BMFont format.
  • HanFont - A AIR app for Chinese Font Embeding in ActionScript
  • - An actionscript library to easily include icon fonts.
  • register-ttf-font-in-runtime - actionscript3, flash, load and register ttf font in runtime


Media Player

  • dashas - MPEG-DASH player written in ActionScript
  • hls-as - HLS player for ActionScript.
  • goplayer - Modern, open-source video player written in ActionScript 3
  • orange-actionscript-video - Project for building Flash video players using the Open Video Player framework
  • hyperbomb - A highly customizable and multiplayer bomberman remake in ActionScript 3.
  • AS3VideoPlayer - ActionScript 3 video player I built in 2008
  • flowplayer - Flowplayer Flash, the video player for the Web
  • GrindPlayer - OSMF + Flex based flash video player, which provides most needed functionality in nowadays
  • OSFlashVideoPlayer - Open source flash video player
  • f4player - f4Player :: Open Source AS3 Flash Video Player
  • ABPlayer - A Flex based live comment displayer for online video comment sharing. 一个基于Flex的在线弹幕播放器。
  • locomote-video-player - Media Player in Adobe Flash with RTSP support
  • hlsplayer - HLS player for OSMF flash framework
  • videoplayer - Legacy Video Player for 23 Visual Platform
  • flowplayer-ima - A simple Interactive Media Ads plugin for FP
  • dashplayer - The Dash Media Player is an Open Source ( GPL ) flash media player that was designed to deliver multimedia within Drupal CMS, but can also be used as a stand alone media player. Just imagine, a media player whose content is driven by the power and flexibility of a content management system. With this player, you can truly take advantage of the best of two worlds... the incredible user interface of Flash, and the content managed environment of a CMS. Using these two systems together, you can quite literally have your very own Media Content Management System! As you will soon see, the Dash Media Player is a truly remarkable player geared up for the rise of Web 3.0.
  • flv-player - FLV Player
  • erlyplayer - Erlyvideo player
  • OSMFSparkComponents - A collection of classes that provide an OSMF media player skinnable using Spark skinning practices. Also included is a powerful playlist component used to create playlists for your OSMF media players.
  • freevana-player - Adobe AIR Video player for Freevana's database library.
  • ytplayer - ytplayer 是一个基于 Flash 的弹幕播放器
  • FPlanet - Using the next generation flash player(molehill) to create a near-real time planet.
  • vgaplayer - Open source player for Adobe Flash Media Server streams (RTMP)
  • TOSHIBA JOURN.E TOUCH - Video player for TOSHIBA JOURN.E Touch tablet. Flash ActionScript code

Data Visualization

  • Degrafa - Degrafa is a declarative graphics framework for Flex.
  • Axiis - Data visualization framework with line, bar, wedge, column, cluster, area, smith and treemap charts.
  • Axiis - A markup based data visualization framework for Flex
  • Flare - Flare is an ActionScript library for creating visualizations that run in the Adobe Flash Player. From basic charts and graphs to complex interactive graphics, the toolkit supports data management, visual encoding, animation, and interaction techniques.
  • johnyanarella/Flare - Flare is an ActionScript library for creating visualizations that run in the Adobe Flash Player.
  • clearmaps - An ActionScript mapping framework for data visualization.
  • Lichen - Client side Network Viewer, Rectangular Heatmap and Visualization Template implemented in actionscript and javascript using the google visualization API.
  • flare_juicekit - A patched branch of the Flare data visualization ActionScript library for use in the JuiceKit project.
  • redada - Interactive visualization of weighted graphs based on flare ActionScript library.
  • flextreemap - TreeMap data visualization component for Adobe Flex
  • GraphVisualizer - A Flex 3 + ActionScript 3 web software to draw dynamic graphcs
  • iv - Yi Wang, Luhua Lai, Qi Ouyang, "Visualization System of Biochemical Network Dynamics." Computers and applied chemistry, 26(4):385-389, 2009. (Main technology used: ActionScript)
  • visualizadorFrecuencias - Visualizador de frecuencias de un archivo mp3, ActionScript 3.0 FlashPro5.5
  • Weave - Weave (Web-based Analysis and Visualization Environment)
  • social-grid - Abstract Grid Visualization for Social Media
  • MG7Viewer - Flex/Actionscript 3.0 GUI for visualization of metagenomics results

Augmented Reality

  • FLARToolKit - AS3 port of the industry standard ARToolkit library, for Flash Player 11.
  • FLAREmulator - This project allows you to quickly test AR demos to see what works and what doesn't with or without a webcam.
  • NyARToolkitAS3 - NyARToolkit AS3 edition. Marker based Augmented reality library.
  • EZFLAR - A little wrapper to ease the way AR works
  • IN2ARSDKExamples - IN2AR latest SDK libs and examples
  • augmented_reality - AS3/Flex AR example using Flare3d with a marker

Panorama Viewer

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  • actionscript-oauth2 - An ActionScript 3 library for interfacing with OAuth 2.0 services.
  • as3facebookforgames - An extension of the Facebook Actionscript API (packaged within the library as some changes needed to be made) which facilitates the process of authenticating and user log-in within your Facebook web games.
  • oauth-flex - plugin for Apache Flex/ActionScript
  • oauth-as3 - Mavenized, RSL version of oauth-as3 library - OAuth for ActionScript 3
  • as3oauth - ActionScript 3.0 OAuth Client Library
  • AS3FaceApi - An As3 port of the face recognition API. !!! is deprecting FB Sesssion authentication. You have to use now OAuth 2.0 auth !!!
  • oauth-as3 - as3 library for performing oauth tasks
  • OAuth - AS3/Flex OAuth Library


  • as3httpclient - HTTP client implementation in ActionScript 3.0.
  • as3httpclient - HTTP Client for AS3
  • flash-to-s3 - A Flash ActionScript library for uploading content to an Amazon Simple Storage Server instance over HTTP.
  • Hendrix-HttP-AiR - a lightweight HTTP library for ActionScript 3 (as3) inspired by Square's OkHttp
  • HTTPForm - Actionscript 3 library to emulate a multipart/form-data HTML form submission request, including file upload.
  • airhttp - An easy to integrate HTTP Server for Adobe Air applications.


  • HydraP2P - HydraP2P is an ActionScript 3 library aiming to simplify the peer-to-peer API introduced in Flash Player 10.1
  • GroupP2P - actionscript p2p netgroup
  • P2Pong - P2P Game Example with Flex
  • as3_p2plocal - as3 lib for local p2p connections (serverless rtmfp)
  • hls-p2p - Flash OSMF based hybrid cdn&p2p hls solution
  • Android-Flash-P2P - P2P Communication between a Client.swf and an Android Device with AIR
  • actionscript-p2p_messaging - A simple messaging framework for doing P2P in Flash
  • GogduNet - GogduNet is a Flash AS3 Communication Library for TCP and UDP and P2P
  • NetGrouper - A wrapper for Actionscript 3.0's NetGroup and RTMFP Multicasting abilities to create quick P2P multiplayer games over local networks or Adobe Cirrus
  • RealtimeGameLib - Simple library for building multiplayer realtime games using P2P (and Flash Media Server).
  • ArcusNode - A RTMFP Rendevouz Service For Peer Assisted Networking With Adobe Flash on Node JS


  • SmartSocket - SmartSocket is an extensible open source, Java and PHP socket server engine. Its aim is to make creating multi-user applications as quick and painless as possible. With SmartSocket, you don't have to worry about keeping track of users, writing server code, managing threads, etc. All you have to do is use the simple communication protocol to send method call back and forth between the server and the client!
  • FlashSocket.IO - Library to help Flash, Flex and ActionScript clients connect to Socket.IO servers.
  • socket-io-actionscript - Socket.IO Actionscript 3 client
  • amf_socket - Bi-directional RPC library for Actionscript (Flash). The easy button for high performance network communication!
  • actionscript-analytics-framework - a framework for dynamically setting up and implementing tracking in actionscript
  • sockpuppet - Complete Ruby/ActionScript socket client/server with AMF
  • as3socket - ActionScript 3 Socket Server
  • nodechat - using node.js,, backbone.js, and jade to make a chat app demo. Demo @
  • arduino.js - JavaScript-to-Arduino I/O. Implemented as a wrapper for the "AS3Glue" library (Rube Goldberg-esque stack: JavaScript <-> Flash <-> Socket/serial proxy <-> Arduino USB.)
  • - Flash client for Socket.IO server
  • php-websocket-server - PHP WebSocket Server for PHP 5.3
  • aleph-ws-test - Small chat-app to test Aleph websocket support.
  • websocket4ie - 基于flash内核,让ie6也能用websocket,完全回调js,flash不处理任何ui
  • FlexWebSocketDemo - flex AIR app - client
  • AS3WebSocket - ActionScript 3 WebSocket client implementation for the final WebSocket Draft RFC6455
  • spitfire - ActionScript 3.0 Socket servers with Redtamarin
  • AIR-Server - Socket Server library for Adobe AIR
  • ws-flash-client - Reliable minimalistic WebSocket client (uses Adobe Flash where native WebSocket is not available)
  • JSocket - Socket on Javascript (uses flash)


  • git-as3 - A pure AS3 implementation of Git
  • kuching - a lightweight XMPP library for Actionscript 3
  • AS3-Airplay - An implementation of Apple's Airplay written in Actionscript 3.
  • CrossXHR - Cross Domain XHR: A drop-in replacement for XmlHttpRequest object.
  • croqodile - AS3/Erlang implementation of the Croquet project's TeaTime protocol. Provides a simple framework for creating distributed, multi-user flash applications.
  • as3midilib - AS3 library for working with MIDI data. Can parse a stream of MIDI data into objects, or it can be used to connect to a MIDI socket server and receive live performance MIDI. It can also be used to parse MIDI files or stream them for performance syncing.
  • as3xmppclient - AS3 XMPP client library
  • as3-amqp - An implementation of the 0-8 version of AMQP for AS3.
  • AS3RtmpClient - A proof of concept AS3 RtmpClient using sockets, based on Flazr.
  • AS3-NTP-Client - AS3 NTP Client (Network Time Protocol) using Adobe AIR
  • FUDI-as3 - AS3 implementation of the Puredata FUDI protocol
  • BitTube-on-Flash - The new BitTube system based on the Adobe RTMFP protocol
  • Cuke4AS3 - A BDD Cucumber wire protocol implementation for Flash ActionScript


  • AirXMail - Complete email library for AS3 supporting SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4.
  • AS3Mailer - Sends email from flash using server script or invokes a mailto.
  • as-imap - ActionScript socket for IMAP protocol


  • as3mysql - An AS3 driver for the MySQL open source database.
  • pegasus - An AS3 driver for the PostgreSQL open source database.
  • as3couchdb - An AS3 clientside API for interacting with a CouchDB instance.
  • ActionMongo - A MongoDB driver for ActionScript
  • aws-dynamodb-actionscript - An actionscript library for accessing Amazon's AWS DynamoDB
  • MongoAS3 - AS3 Driver for mongoDB.
  • soup - Mixing CouchDB, Sinatra, AIR and RestfulX to create an offline/online ready app with undo/redo capabilities.
  • as3Query - Another SQLite ORM and query DSL for ActionScript
  • as3redis - An Actionscript 3 library for Redis
  • airdb - ActionScript AIR ORM for using client-side SQLite within AIR and Flex apps. Supports ActiveRecord style models, migrations and associations.
  • worm - An ORM and SQL generation framework for ActionScript inspired by jQuery
  • Flexine - ActionScript 3 SQLite ORM for AIR
  • air-sqlite - Utilities for working with SQLite databases in AIR

Data Loader

  • GreenSock LoaderMax - LoaderMax provides an easy way to load assets at runtime.
  • BulkLoader - A bulk loading library for Actionscript.
  • LoaderQueue - ActionScript 3多文件加载管理器
  • QueueLoader - QueueLoader is an easy to use Flash Actionscript (3.0) asset loading utility with a number of features.
  • AS3-Assets-Loaders - Simple classes to load external assets in ActionScript 3
  • AssetLoader - Multi file/asset loader for AS3 built on AS3Signals.
  • LaunchPad - Actionscript asset management and application launch platform for mobile, desktop and web apps
  • swf2ccb - A tool that converts existing assets to ccb format
  • assetLibrary-as3 - Feature rich AS3 file management tool.
  • agile_uploader - Upload files, other form data, and optionally resize any uploaded images on the client side before uploading to save on server bandwidth. Resizing before uploading can also help save a server from processing unnecessarily large image files if further image processing (manipulation or simply having the server save multiple sizes) is done on the server.

File Formats


  • actionjson - A faster, more advanced ActionScript 3 JSON library
  • jameson - ActionScript 3 JSON Document Object Mapper
  • JSONTrace - An ActionScript 3 mini library for tracing JSON format strings by using the com.adobe.serialization.json package.
  • serialkiller - ActionScript JSON & XML serialization library
  • JsonMapper - Typed JSON parser for ActionScript
  • Popgenie-Bulktools - Bioinformatics project based on actionscripts and Rich Internet application(RIA). Which helps to retrieve gene information from JSON webservice.
  • JSONTools - JSONTools is an ActionScript3 library that goes beyond providing a decoding and encoding engine. JSONTools provides JSON errors on bad property calls, the speed of the JSWoof JSON library, and E4X style queries dubbed E4J, JSONList and JSONListCollection classes for Flex, as well as some features that are coming in upcoming releases.
  • RJSONIO - Serialize to and from R and JSON, JavaScript Object Notation
  • json-over-amqp - This demonstrates the use of a server written in Flash that uses AMQP and JSON to communicate with clients.
  • ActionBSON - A BSON implementation in ActionScript


  • as3-xlsx-reader - An Actionscript 3.0 package to read .xlsx Open XML Excel or Open Office spreadsheets
  • DynamicXMLParser - Dynamic parse xml content into predefined data classes (actionscript 3).
  • flasher - ActionScript 3 XML slideshow based on as3-transitions-lib
  • that-cover-flow - An XML powered Cover Flow flash application created with Actionscript 3
  • XMLSerializer - Library which allows data serialisation from ActionScript to XML and from XML to ActionScript
  • flight-core - Core library for ActionScript and MXML development, including Binding, Collections and several data types
  • AS3-Bulk-Loader - It's an actionscript 3 based bulk loader which has support for loading data (XML, amf) , assets(images, swf) and integrated support for facebook library.
  • gedcomConverter - Will convert GEDCOM genealogy files to JASON and XML using Javascript and Actionscript
  • Nudge - Actionscript framework to serialize objects as XML
  • as2-xml-parser - A XML parser for actionscript 2 to be able to read xml files as a dom tree
  • BioinfoXMLFlex - Xml wrapper classes in Actionscript 3.0
  • ActionScript-Flex - Select AS3/AS2 classes and Flex MXML.
  • DynamicXMLParser - Dynamic parse xml content into predefined data classes (actionscript 3).
  • as3-flip-book - XML driven action script 3 flip book
  • AStream - XML to Object (and vice versa) mapping library written in AS3. Compatible with XStream.
  • AssetLibrary - for Starling framework : singleton texture manager auto use contentScaleFactor to select HD or SD texture's directory and easy config by XML
  • deng - [ABANDONED] Modular XML Browser Engine


  • HTMLWrapper - An HTML / CSS renderer created in ActionScript
  • ASCanvas - ASCanvas is an implementation of the HTML 5 Canvas element for the Flash environment, written in ActionScript
  • InstallApacheFlexBadge - The HTML, JS and ActionScript code for the badge installer
  • webcamjs - HTML5 Webcam Image Capture Library with Flash Fallback
  • hemlock - A framework for building multi-user, real-time web applications with HTML, CSS, and JS.
  • canvas.swf - A polyfill for HTML 5 Canvas for Internet Explorer using Flash.
  • eingebaut - Eingebaut is a JavaScript library, built to enable simple cross-browser video playback (in either HTML5 or Flash)
  • mediacapture.js - HTML5 Media Capture API polyfill
  • webcaminput - Unobtrusive Webcam Input for your HTML Forms


  • as3csslib - CSS3 parser, selector and style engine for ActionScript 3.0.
  • reprise - CSS box model based application and layout framework for ActionScript 3
  • reprise-framework - CSS based AS3 GUI framework
  • fcss - Flash Cascading StyleSheet Library
  • stylekit-as3 - An Actionscript 3 framework for creating user interfaces, using CSS3 for layout.
  • Jakute-Styling-Engine - Jakute is a CSS framework for ActionScript/Flash.
  • sass4as - Syntactically Awesome Stylesheets for ActionScript 3


  • flex-asjs - Apache Flex ASJS (AS to JS compiler)
  • RhinoAS3 - An ActionScript 3 port of Mozilla's Rhino JavaScript interpreter
  • hemlock - A framework for building multi-user, real-time web applications with HTML, CSS, and JS.
  • cameraform - Simple Flash+JS library for webcam capture and submission.
  • videojs-osmf - An OSMF based playback technology for Video.JS
  • jsfllib - Flash JSFL private library
  • runway - Runway is a set of ActionScript and JavaScript libraries for leveraging the LeapMotion input device
  • as2js - Object bridge from ActionScript 3.0 to JavaScript
  • jsobject - Nicer JavaScript objects through ExternalInterface in ActionScript 3
  • flashcam - Webcam video capture, from ActionScript to JavaScript
  • xib2js - .xib file to JavaScript translator for Titanium Mobile
  • Simplified-JavaScript-Interpreter - AS3-based Javascript interpreter, minus a few features (prototype chain, mainly)
  • Press2Flash - Press2Flash is an AS3 based framework created to add Rich Media capabilities to your WordPress-powered website. Press2Flash also provides a Wordpress plugin to enable the communication between the CMS and Flash.
  • InstallApacheFlexBadge - The HTML, JS and ActionScript code for the badge installer
  • randori-libraries - Randori Libraries for ActionScript. The libraries provide interop between Actionscript and existing JavaScript libraries
  • KontikiJS - An ActionScript 3 Library used to generate Flash API JavaScript code through the Randori compiler


  • PurePDF - A complete actionscript PDF library
  • halcyon_pdf - ActionScript OpenStreetMap PDF renderer
  • pdfcase - PDF Library for ActionScript 3.0
  • PDFView - An Actionscript 3 based PDF viewer build from scratch


  • as3swf - Low level Actionscript 3 library to parse, create, modify and publish SWF files.
  • as3abc - Low level Actionscript 3 library to parse, create, modify and publish ABC (Actionscript Block Code) files
  • SWFWire - SWF Decompiler and Inspector Tools
  • abc-abstraction - Provides an abstraction of the bytecode found inside Flash SWF files, and allows ABC to be analyzed, manipulated, packaged back into an SWF, and run within a matter of seconds or milliseconds at runtime.
  • ByteMyAS - A toolkit for editing ActionScript bytecode
  • secure-swfupload - A fork of the long-abandoned SWFUpload project, maintained by WordPress and others to ensure that a secure version of SWFUpload exists. Report security vulnerabilities to [email protected]
  • SWFUpload - SWFUpload - Fork from SWFUpload Build 2.2.1
  • SWF-Screensaver-for-Mac - SWF Screensaver for Mac is a Flash screensaver maker. You can easily create your mac screensavers with your own SWF files. [Due to the lack of Objective C Development Know-How I'm looking for someone to fix the 10.6 + 10.7 compatibility]
  • mediaplayer - SWF media player capable of displaying images and videos in both single and slideshow formats
  • AS3Introspection - AS3 describeType on steriods: can fully describe all accessible aspects of an entire SWF
  • Resolume-ActionScript-Patches - Resolume Avenue 3 SWFs
  • Actionscript-Swf-Loading-Experiments - Actionscript Manipulations of the ByteArray representations of a SWF


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