#The Phillip AI An SSBM player based on Deep Reinforcement Learning.


Tested on: Ubuntu >=14.04, OSX. If you want Windows support, go bug the dolphin developers to support MemoryWatcher and Pipe Input on Windows - a fork that supports this is also under works.

  1. A recent version of dolphin. Probably need to compile from source on Linux.

  2. The SSBM iso image. Must be NTSC 1.02.

  3. Python 3.

  4. Tensorflow 0.11.

  5. A few python packages

    pip3 install attrs

  6. Install phillip:

    pip3 install -e .


Trained agents are stored in the agents directory.

phillip --gui --human --start 0 --load agents/FalconFalconBF [--iso path/to/SSBM.iso]

On Mac you will need to add --exe ~/../../Applications/Dolphin.app/Contents/MacOS/Dolphin.


Training is controlled by phillip/train.py. See also runner.py and launcher.py for training massively in parallel on slurm clusters. Phillip has been trained at the MGHPCC. It is recommended to train with a custom dolphin from https://github.com/vladfi1/dolphin - the below commands will likely fail otherwise.

Local training is also possible. First, edit runner.py with your desired training params (advanced). Then do:

python3 runner.py # will output a path
python3 launcher.py saves/path/ --init --local [--agents number_of_agents] [--log_agents]

To view stats during training:

tensorboard --logdir logs/

The trainer and (optionally) agents redirect their stdout/err to slurm_logs/. To end training:

kill $(cat saves/path/pids)

To resume training run launcher.py again, but omit the --init (it will overwrite your old network).


Come to the Discord!


I’ve been streaming practice play over at http://twitch.tv/x_pilot. There are also some recordings on my youtube channel.


Big thanks to https://github.com/altf4/SmashBot for getting me started, and to https://github.com/spxtr/p3 for a python memory watcher. Some code for dolphin interaction has been borrowed from both projects (mostly the latter now that I’ve switched to pure python).

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