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A curated list of awesome things related to Vue.js

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Awesome Vue.js Awesome

A curated list of awesome things related to Vue.js


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Open Source

  • PageKit - Modular and lightweight CMS built with Symfony components and Vue.js.
  • - Compare npm packages and spot download trends.
  • Koel - A personal music streaming server that works.
  • RSS Reader - Simple RSS Reader made using atom electron and vue.js.
  • Gokotta - A simple music player built by electron and vue.
  • CoPilot - An admin portal based on AdminLTE with vue.js integration.
  • Retrospectify - A simple tool for doing collaborative retrospectives in agile teams.
  • jade-press - Cms based on mongodb, nodejs, koa, vue and more.
  • astralapp - Organize Your GitHub Stars With Ease.
  • EME - An Elegant Markdown Editor.
  • Github-explorer - A spa which can help you check your github in a better way.
  • Hotel - Start your dev servers from your browser and get local domains in seconds.
  • Surfbird - A Twitter client written with modern web technologies.
  • Approach0 - A math-aware search engine.
  • Flox - Self Hosted Movie, Series and Anime Watch List.
  • JavaScript Guessing Game - A game for identifying JavaScript tools and libraries.
  • vue-ghpages-blog - A blog based on GitHub pages by Vue.js 2 + Webpack 2.
  • Vuedo - Blog platform, built with Laravel and Vue.js.
  • vue-music163 - A Vue.js project for music.
  • Tomato5 - Real-time collaboration tool, it combines Pomodoro Technique with a team status share board.
  • Web Learn - A service which provides simple access to thousands of video tutorials on web developing and programming.
  • ExcelJSON - A tool to convert CSV, TSV to/from JSON.
  • Materialize-blog - A material blog built with Laravel5.3 and Vue2.x.
  • VueCompomnentGenerator - Generate vue single file component on browser.
  • SDR News - News for web designers and developers aggregated from multiple sources (Reddit, Hacker News and Prominent Blogs).
  • PJ Blog - Open source blog built with Laravel and Vue.js.
  • Lulumi-browser - Lulumi-browser is a light weight browser coded with Vue.js 2 and Electron.
  • vue-wordpress-pwa
  • OpenAPI 3 viewer - Browse and test a REST API described with the OpenAPI 3.0 Specification
    • Stacer - Linux System Optimizer and Monitoring
    • - An orientation guide for Linux beginners
    • Buka - EBook Management
    • Docute - A framework for writing documentation without build process
    • pm86 - Production process manager for Node.js apps Websites
    • vms - A Vue.js 2.0 Management System
    • nativescript-vue - A Vue.js implementation of the NativeScript renderer.
    • piper - A drag-and-drop mobile website builder base on Vue.
    • mmf-blog-vue2 - A blog based on Vue2(Vue-router, Vuex) and Webpack2.
    • Media Manager - Web File Manager.
    • dyu/bookmarks - A self-contained, self-hosted bookmarking app powered by leveldb, built with Vue2.1.x.
    • JSON Schema Editor - An intuitive editor for JSON schema. Develop with Vue.js 2 and Firebase.
    • npm-stats - npm package download statistics dashboard
    • vue2-admin-lte - a project that converts AdminLTE to work with Vuejs (v2.x).
    • Dockeron - A project built on Electron + Vue.js for Docker on desktop.
    • Flamme - An open source Tinder desktop client built with electron and Vue.js for educational purposes
    • Goldfish - A HashiCorp Vault UI built with VueJS, Golang, and Bulma CSS
    • Adminify - An Admin dashboard based on Vuetify, check the Online Demo
    • promptie - A framework written in Vue.js for creating command-line like interfaces in web browsers.
    • Hare -

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A awesome Vue+Vuex+Router+Resource+Typescript starter app ...

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