the coder’s starter kit: sound, animation, video, messaging in a low-key ruby environment.

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h1. Hackety Hack (for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux)

Hackety Hack is a programming starter kit. It's an editor with helpful coding tools and built-in messaging (so you can pass scripts to friends easily.)

h2. This is 1.0!

All the major pieces are in place. Hooray! There are still some kinks to work out, though. Nobody's perfect! Please "file an Issue":http://github.com/hacketyhack/hacketyhack/issues if you find something.

h2. Building Hackety Hack

h3. Shoooes

H-ety H is built on "Shoes":http://github.com/shoes/shoes. So, you gotta get Shoes first.


bq. Hackety Hack depends on features that are only in the latest version of Shoes, "Policeman." This is the third version of Shoes, there's also "Rasins," which was version 2. If you download Shoes 2, it won't work!

Now back to your regularly scheduled instructions.

There are two options to getting Shoes: download a pre-built version, or build it yourself!

h4. Pre-assembled Shoes

You can try downloading the latest version of Shoes from the "Downloads Page":http://shoesrb.com/downloads on the Shoes website.

h4. Some-assembly-required Shoes

If you like living on the bleeding edge, or there isn't a Shoes made for your platform, you can check out the "Building Shoes":http://github.com/shoes/shoes/wiki/Building-Shoes page to find out how to build Shoes on your platform.

h3. 'Got Shoes Strapped on my Feet

Once you've got yourself a pair of Shoes, you'll want to fork me, then clone your repo:

bq. $ git clone [email protected]:YOURUSER/hacketyhack.git

If you've got your 'shoes' environment variable set, you can just run Hackety directly:

bq. $ cd hacketyhack $ ./h-ety-h.rb

Otherwise, pick 'h-ety-h.rb' from the "Open an App." menu in Shoes.

You can also run 'shoes h-ety-h.rb' or if you're on a Mac, something like ' /Users/steveklabnik/Documents/src/shoes/Shoes.app/Contents/MacOS/shoes h-ety-h.rb' from the terminal.

h2. Building an installer

If you want to build Hackety Hack as a standalone app with the installer for your platform, you need to have your own Shoes built. Then, get your directories lined up...

bq. $ ls shoes hacketyhack

And rebuild shoes, while pointing the APP flag at your Hackety directory:

bq. $ cd shoes $ rake APP=../hacketyhack $ rake APP=../hacketyhack installer

That's it!

h2. Acknowledgements

Beneath my wings are many winds.

  • _why, who was quite the lucky stiff. Without his work and vision, Hackety Hack would have never been born. Hopefully he'll be proud of how his child lives out its life...

  • Yukihiro Matsumoto, whose Ruby language is the heart of Hackety Hack. I adore this language. Ruby's shared lib and stdlib are included under the terms of the Ruby license.

  • Sharon Rosner for the Sequel lib (http://sequel.rubyforge.org) I use a fork from an old version.

  • Jamis Buck for the Syntax lib. (http://syntax.rubyforge.org) Live syntax highlighting.

  • Alex Brem for help on bloopsaphone. He just started hacking away. I like that!

  • Numerous font authors whose free offerings are included.

  • Fela Winkelmolen, for devoting an entire summer to get Hackety to v1.0!

  • Everybody who's been putting hard work into Shoes. You guys are awesome.

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