A webpack module to load dsv (e.g. .csv or .tsv) files.

Webpack dsv loader

A Webpack plugin for loading dsv files (for example .csv).


Install via npm: npm install --save dsv-loader


You can require dsv data like this: javascript var data = require('dsv!./data.csv'); // => returns data.csv content as json parsed object The loader will translate the data.csv file into a JSON Object.

Usage with webpack.config

To require dsv files like this: require('data.csv') , you can add the dsv-loader to your webpack config: javascript module : { loaders : [ { test: /\.csv$/, loader: 'dsv-loader' } //will load all .csv files with dsv-loader by default ] }


delimiter Tells the loader which delimiter is used to seperate the data. Default: ‘,’ Examples: javascript var data = require('dsv?delimiter=;!./data.csv'); //load data seperated by semicolon var data = require('dsv?delimiter=x!./data.csv'); //load data seperated by an 'x'


* Inspired by webpack’s json-loader * DSV parsing done with dsv by Mike Bostock

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A webpack module to load dsv (e.g. .csv or .tsv) files. ...

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