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Koan Engine

Clojure-Koan-Engine is the library behind clojure-koans. It exposes the meditations macro and makes it possible to write koans of this form for any Clojure project:

  "We shall contemplate truth by testing reality, via equality."
  (= __ true)

  "To understand reality, we must compare our expectations against reality."
  (= __ (+ 1 1)))

The student' job is to fill in the blanks in such a way that the code form throws no exceptions and returns a truthy value.

Writing your own koans

Koans are a wonderful way to teach users by example. If you maintain or use a library in Clojure, consider putting together a custom Koan project!

The easiest way to start writing koans for your library is to generate a new project with the koan-template leiningen plugin (source code on github. Make sure you have Leiningen installed, then run the following commands:

lein plugin install lein-newnew 0.1.2   # Skip if you already have lein-newnew installed!
lein plugin install koan-template 0.1.1
lein new koan <your-project-name>
cd <your-project-name>
chmod +x script/*

The README of the resulting project will contain everything your users need to know to get started.

Adding koan-engine to an existing project

You can also add koans to an existing library without interfering with your source tree. This is a wonderful way to introduce users to your source code.

To get started, add the lein-koan plugin (source code on github ) to your :dev-dependencies in project.clj:

[lein-koan "0.1.1"]

The plugin makes two tasks available:

lein koan run watches koan files for changes and presents the user with the most advanced unsolved koan. lein koan test checks that all koans fail without answers and pass with answers.


The koan engine looks for koans under src/koans by default, but you can customize this by adding a :koan entry to project.clj. All options are shown here along with defaults:

:koan {:koan-root "src/koans"      ;; koan files live at this root
       :dojo-resource "dojo.clj"   ;; The forms in resources/dojo.clj are evaluted before every koan.
       :koan-resource "koans.clj"} ;; answers located at resources/koans.clj 

For more information on the Dojo see the wiki page. "How to write Koans" provides more information on how to add your own koans and answers.


The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the Eclipse Public License 1.0 ( which can be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this distribution. By using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by the terms of this license.

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