ReactJS Bootcamp

ReactJS Bootcamp - Updates Coming Soon!

Build Status Dependency Status devDependency Status ###Walkthrough If you aren’t able to attend and want to go through a walkthrough on your own, all materials are available in the walkthrough directory.

Which also includes a single day format for presentations.

###How to Run the App

Running Locally

First, make sure you have Node.js installed (npm is Node’s companion package manager). This application was built using Node 0.12, but it should work fine with most versions of Node and io.js.

See these instructions for help installing Node.

In the terminal, run npm install to pull in dependencies, followed by npm start to start the webpack dev server which will open a Chrome window.

  • Note for windows users: environment variables are set differently so please use npm run start-windows

Docker Setup

If you are familiar with Docker, or are willing to learn it, there is a Dockerfile provided that will simply call npm start by default. To get this running you could: - CD into the working directory - docker build . -t react-bootcamp - docker run -p 8001:8001 react-bootcamp

NOTE: If you want to have the live updates enabled, you would need to properly mount the app directory as a volume. Ex on Mac: docker run -v $(pwd)/app:/app/app -p 8001:8001 react-bootcamp

####TypeScript For the TypeScript version of the code see here

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