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✏️ Free Opensource Alternative to TypeForm or Google Forms

TellForm 2.0.0

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TellForm is an opensource alternative to TypeForm built ontop of nodejs that can create stunning forms from PDFs or from scratch

See examples here

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###Currently following features are implemented: -Multi-Language Support -11 possible types of form fields -Editable startpage -Export Submissions to XLS, JSON or CSV -Native Analytics and Google Analytics Support -Custom subdomains -Embeddable Forms -Form API

###TODO: -Implement encryption for all form data -Integrate AWS for PDF saving -Add Typeform API integration -Add plugin/3rd party integration support (ala Slack) -Create wiki for easy installation and setup


Before you start, make sure you have 1. Redis installed and running at 2. MongoDB installed and running at (OR specify the host and port in config/env/all)

Also make sure to install DNS Masq or equivalent if running it locally on your computer (look at dns_masq_setup_osx for instructions on OSX)

Install dependencies first.

$ npm install
$ bower install

Setup environment.

$ grunt build

Create your user account

$ node ./scripts/setup.js

OR create your .env file

[email protected]

Side note: Currently we are using Raven and Sentry for error logging. To use it you must provide a valid private DSN key in your .env file and a public DSN key in app/views/layout.index.html

Edit the env config in gruntfile.js to make sure your .env file is being used. If you don’t include this your app won’t run

To run development version:

Set NODE_ENV=development in .env file $ grunt

To run production version:

Set NODE_ENV=production in .env file $ grunt

Your application should run on port 3000 or the port you specified in your .env file, so in your browser just go to http://localhost:3000

Testing Your Application

You can run the full test suite included with MEAN.JS with the test task:

$ grunt test

This will run both the server-side tests (located in the app/tests/ directory) and the client-side tests (located in the public/modules/*/tests/).

To execute only the server tests, run the test:server task:

$ grunt test:server

And to run only the client tests, run the test:client task:

$ grunt test:client

Currently the live example uses heroku github deployments. The Docker file is out of date and does not work. If someone wishes to get it working feel free to submit a pull request.

To calculate your total test coverage with Istanbul, run the coverage task

$ grunt coverage

To calculate your server-side test coverage with Istanbul, run the coverage task

$ grunt coverage:server

To calculate your client-side test coverage with Istanbul, run the coverage task

$ grunt coverage:client

Where to get help

Gitter Chat

Official Twitter

Contributor list

David Baldwynn

Samuel Laulhau

Arun Pattnaik

Mentions on the Web

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BootCSS Expo

Product Hunt

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Inspired/built off the great work of the MeanJS team and Typeform

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