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wxWidgets is a free and open source cross-platform C++ framework for writing advanced GUI applications using native controls.

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wxWidgets allows you to write native-looking GUI applications for all the major desktop platforms and also helps with abstracting the differences in the non-GUI aspects between them. It is free for the use in both open source and commercial applications, comes with the full, easy to read and modify, source and extensive documentation and a collection of more than a hundred examples. You can learn more about wxWidgets at https://www.wxwidgets.org/ and read its documentation online at http://docs.wxwidgets.org/


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wxWidgets currently supports the following primary platforms:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8 and 10 (32/64 bits).
  • Most Unix variants using the GTK+ toolkit (version 2.6 or newer or 3.x).
  • OS X (10.7 or newer) using Cocoa (32/64 bits).

Most popular C++ compilers are supported including but not limited to:

  • Microsoft Visual C++ 2003 or later (up to 2017).
  • g++ 3.4 or later, including MinGW/MinGW-64/TDM under Windows.
  • Clang under OS X and Linux.
  • Intel icc compiler.
  • Oracle (ex-Sun) aCC.


wxWidgets licence is a modified version of LGPL explicitly allowing not distributing the sources of an application using the library even in the case of static linking.

Further information

If you are looking for support, you can get it from

We would also gladly welcome your contributions.

Have fun!

The wxWidgets Team.

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