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A community repository for open-source Clojure libraries

Clojars web interface

This is the source code for the Clojars jar repository webapp.

If you’re looking for user documentation, try the wiki. There is a also a FAQ.

See release announcements on the mailing list for recent user-facing changes.


Please report bugs or problems with the repository on the bug tracker.

Design discussions occur on the clojars-maintainers list and the #leiningen channel on

If you’d like contribute a change please send a GitHub pull request for a topic branch. Feel free to open a pull request early with a “not ready for merging” note or ask on the mailing list or IRC to get feedback from other contributors. If you are looking for a task to work on, take a look at issues labeled ready.

We try to make releases fairly soon after merging contributions, but post to the mailing list if it’s been a week or two and you’d like something pushed to the production website.


Note: Java 8+ is required

Development system

To begin developing, start with a REPL.

lein repl

Run migrate to initialize the database to the latest migration.

user=> (migrate)

Run go to initiate and start the system.

user=> (go)

By default this creates a running development system at http://localhost:8080.

When you make changes to your source files, use reset to reload any modified files and reset the server.

user=> (reset)
:reloading (...)

If you’d like to hack on the UI or search it might be useful to have production-like metadata. To create that, use to create test users, import an existing maven repository (your local ~/.m2/repository/ works well), and setup a search index:

cp -r ~/.m2/repository data/dev_repo
lein run -m

If you want to use the actual repo from, you can grab it via rsync.

Note that this setup task isn’t perfect - SNAPSHOTS won’t have version-specific metadata (which won’t matter for the operation of clojars, but may matter if you try to use the resulting repo as a real repo), and versions will be listed out of order on the project pages, but it should be good enough to test with.


Testing is designed to work in a REPL to allow flow.

user=> (test)
user=> (test #'clojars.test.unit.db/added-users-can-be-found)

Tests can also be run through Leiningen for CI.

lein test

Production system with development config

Occasionally it can be useful to start a production system based on the development configuration. This can be done by lein run.


Also see Configuration.

  1. Compile with: lein uberjar
  2. Deploy target/uberjar/clojars-web-*-standalone.jar to the server
  3. Run the migrations java -cp clojars-web-*-standalone.jar clojure.main -m
  4. Set Yeller token export YELLER_TOKEN="foo-bar"
  5. Run the production system: java -jar clojars-web-*-standalone.jar


Some options can be set using environment variables. See lein run -h for the full list.

Options may be read from a file by putting a file named config.clj on the classpath. The config file should be a bare Clojure map:

{:db {:classname "org.sqlite.JDBC"
      :subprotocol "sqlite"
      :subname "data/dev_db"}
 :repo "data/dev_repo"
 :bcrypt-work-factor 12
 :mail {:hostname "localhost"
        :from "[email protected]"
        :ssl false}}

The classpath option can be used with lein profiles. When running out of a source checkout using lein run or lein repl the configuration will be read from dev-resources/config.clj.

When running automated tests at the repl, or with lein test, a test environment is used to provide isolation. It can be found in test/clojars/test/test_helper.clj.


Copyright © 2009-2015 Alex Osborne, Phil Hagelberg, Nelson Morris, Toby Crawley and contributors.

Distributed under the Eclipse Public License, the same as Clojure. See the file COPYING.

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