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Pagination support for Flask

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This project is forked from Flask-Paginate (https://github.com/lixxu/flask-paginate)

It provides pagination support for Flask, using the Twitter Bootstrap framework.


  • flask
  • Twitter Bootstrap
  • Python2.6+ (due to usage of string.format)


More documentation can be found at http://pythonhosted.org/flask-ypaginate/


If you want to show pagination-info ("Total 100 posts, displaying 20 - 30") above the pagination links, please add below lines to your css file::

.pagination-page-info {
    padding: .6em;
    padding-left: 0;
    width: 40em;
    margin: .5em;
    margin-left: 0;
    font-size: 12px;
.pagination-page-info b {
    color: black;
    background: #6aa6ed;
    padding-left: 2px;
    padding: .1em .25em;
    font-size: 150%;

Running Tests

To run the test cases, you must have virtualenv installed.

Simple execute:


That will proceed to create a directory called 'venv' in the project root, install flask in that virtualenv, and go on to run the tests.

Generating Documentation

Documentation is housed under the docs folder, and requires you to install Sphinx.

On your system / virtualenv:

pip install Sphinx

Then, from the project root:

cd docs
make html

This will generate a _build folder in the docs. The index.html file can be found under docs/_build/html/index.html.

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-   v0.1.3 zip tar
-   v0.1.2 zip tar
-   v0.1.1 zip tar
-   v0.1.0 zip tar