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Android application compatible with ZX2C4's Pass command line application


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This application tries to be 100% compatible with pass

You can install the application from:

Pull requests are more than welcome (see TODO).


See the wiki for a newer written version of the following gif walkthrough


  • Q: What kind of repository can I clone from?
  • A: Make sure to only clone from bare repositories (see git-clone(1) for how to create a bare repository from an existing one). Otherwise the clone will fail.
  • Q: I get a "Permission Denied" error when trying to import my ssh-key, why?
  • A: ssh-key files are usually created with permissions set to 600, meaning that only the creator of this key has the right to read from it. The application needs a read access, at least temporarily, make the permissions to 644, import the key, then set them back to 600.
  • Q: I tried to use APG and it does not work... why?
  • A: We only support OpenKeychain.
  • Q I get the error No encrypted data with known secret key found in stream
  • A In OpenKeyChain (under the left drawer) Apps > Password Store > Accounts > (select the account) > Account key select the key used to encrypt your passwords.


A few ways to get in touch:

  • Github issues, use it if you have a bug report, you do not understand how somehting works or feature request
  • reddit, want to discuss something and it's midnight, no one on irc and you really want to write more than a couple of lines? reddit is your way!


  • Implement a keyboard to replace the copy/paste and avoid clipboard hijicking (see #50) (Autofill does the job)
  • Create a new category
  • Multiple password stores (multiple git repositories).
  • Solve issues labeld as enhancement (see enhancement issues)

Generate a ssh key for your git repo

From the application

  • Go to settings > Generate SSH key pair
  • Select the key size (length)
  • Set the passphrase (optional) and a comment (optional)
  • Press Generate
  • Press Copy to copy the public key and add it to your ssh server

From a terminal

  • Generate the private and public key
    ssh-keygen -C droid_phone -b 2048 -t rsa -f /tmp/id_rsa_droid
  • Copy the public key /tmp/ on your ssh server and add in to the ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file
    cat >> ~/.ssh/authorized_keys
  • Copy the private key /tmp/id_rsa_droidto your phone and import it in your Android-Password_Store app through the settings

Export your gpg private key

  • Get your pass script gpg id(s) ie: cat ~/.password-store/.gpg-id
  • You can also get a full ids list using gpg -k
  • Export your private key with
    gpg --export-secret-key [the_id] > keys.asc
  • Import it in OpenKeychain

Clone using SSH-key, then decrypt a password

Clone And Decrypt


  • Clone an existing pass repository (ssh-key and user/pass support)
  • List the passwords
  • Handle the directories as categories
  • Decrypt the password files (first line is the password, the rest is extra data)
  • Add a new password to the current category (or no category if added at the root)
  • Pull and Push changes to the remote repository
  • Ability to change remote repository info


This project uses three libraries:

  • OpenKeyChain for encryption and decryption of passwords. To download the library, run the following commands at the root of the project

    git submodule init
    git submodule update
  • JGit a pretty good git lib

  • Apache's FileUtils for files manipulations


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