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This packages makes it very easy to share directories using now!

How it works

When running the ns command, a temporary directory gets created. Within that directory, now-serve will insert a brand new package.json that conforms to now’s requirements and therefore contains a start script that runs a new instance of list when being executed on our servers.

All of this happens completely automatically. So after running the command, the only thing you need to do is wait a few seconds until your files have been deployed and share the link! :boom:


Install it (needs at least node v6)

$ npm install now-serve -g

Run it

$ ns <file | dir> [options] 

You can find a list of all options below.


Usage Description
-h, –help Output all available options
-V, –version The version tag of the now-serve instance on your device
&#8209;c,&nbsp;&#8209;&#8209;cmd&nbsp;[command] The command that should be run when starting
-n, –name [name] The name for your deployment
&#8209;p,&nbsp;&#8209;&#8209;packages&nbsp;&#60;names&#62; Custom packages to add to dependencies: "gulp, koa"
-a, –arguments A string containing arguments that will be passed on to now: "force, debug" (basically the names of the flags but without dashes)
-s, –single Serve single page apps with only one index.html in the root directory


  1. Fork this repository to your own GitHub account and then clone it to your local device
  2. Uninstall now-serve if it’s already installed: npm uninstall now-serve -g
  3. Link it to the global module directory: npm link
  4. Transpile the source code and watch for changes: npm start

Yeeha! Now can use the ns command everywhere.

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