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The ZODB object database

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==== ZODB


The ZODB package provides a set of tools for using the Zope Object Database (ZODB).

Our primary development platforms are Linux and Mac OS X. The test suite should pass without error on these platforms and, hopefully, Windows, although it can take a long time on Windows -- longer if you use ZoneAlarm.


ZODB 5 requires Python 2.7 (>= 2.7.9) or Python >= 3.3.

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See http://zodb-docs.readthedocs.io/en/latest/

For developers of ZODB


Bootstrap buildout, if necessary using bootstrap.py::

python bootstrap.py

Run the buildout::



The ZODB checkouts are buildouts <http://www.python.org/pypi/zc.buildout>_. When working from a ZODB checkout, first run the bootstrap.py script to initialize the buildout:

% python bootstrap.py

and then use the buildout script to build ZODB and gather the dependencies:

% bin/buildout

This creates a test script:

% bin/test -v

This command will run all the tests, printing a single dot for each test. When it finishes, it will print a test summary. The exact number of tests can vary depending on platform and available third-party libraries.::

Ran 1182 tests in 241.269s


The test script has many more options. Use the -h or --help options to see a file list of options. The default test suite omits several tests that depend on third-party software or that take a long time to run. To run all the available tests use the --all option. Running all the tests takes much longer.::

Ran 1561 tests in 1461.557s


Generating docs

cd to the doc directory and::

make html


Almost any code change should include tests.

Any change that changes features should include documentation updates.

Maintenance scripts

Several scripts are provided with the ZODB and can help for analyzing, debugging, checking for consistency, summarizing content, reporting space used by objects, doing backups, artificial load testing, etc. Look at the ZODB/script directory for more informations.


ZODB is distributed under the Zope Public License, an OSI-approved open source license. Please see the LICENSE.txt file for terms and conditions.

More information

See http://zodb.org/

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