A curated list of libraries to aid reactive development on Android

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A list of libraries that aid reactive development on Android


  • RxActivityResult - A reactive-tiny-badass-vindictive library to break with the OnActivityResult implementation as it breaks the observables chain.
  • RxBinding - RxJava binding APIs for Android's UI widgets
  • RxLifecycle - Lifecycle handling APIs for Android apps using RxJava
  • RxPaparazzo - RxJava extension for Android to take images using camera and gallery
  • RxRecyclerView - Reactive RecyclerView Adapter


  • Rx Preferences - Reactive SharedPreferences for Android
  • RxCache - Reactive caching library for Android and Java
  • RxCupboard - Store and retrieve streams of POJOs from an Android database using RxJava and Cupboard
  • RxFileObserver - Simple reactive API for Android's FileObserver class
  • RxFileWatcher - Convenient file watcher with an RxJava interface, based on JDK WatchService
  • RxStore - A tiny library that assists in saving and restoring objects to and from disk using RxJava.
  • SQLBrite - A lightweight wrapper around SQLiteOpenHelper
  • StorIO - Beautiful API for SQLiteDatabase and ContentResolver


  • ReactiveNetwork - Android library listening network connection state and change of the WiFi signal strength with RxJava Observables
  • Retrofit - Type-safe REST client for Android and Java
  • RxBonjour - Reactive network service discovery
  • Wasp - Compact and easy to use, 'all-in-one' android network solution


  • RxMocks - Mocks/Assertions for RxJava testing
  • RxPeople - A library with fluent API for generating random user data
  • RxPresso - Easy Espresso UI testing for Android applications using RxJava


  • Android-ReactiveLocation - Rx wrapper around Google Play Services API
  • ReactiveAwareness - Android library to quickly and easily get the users context using the Awareness API and RxJava
  • ReactiveSensors - Android library monitoring hardware sensors with RxJava Observables
  • RxAndroidBle - RxAndroidBle is a powerful painkiller for Android's Bluetooth Low Energy headaches
  • RxClipboard - RxJava binding APIs for Android clipboard
  • RxFingerprint - Android Fingerprint authentication and encryption APIs wrapped in RxJava
  • RxFit - Reactive Fitness API Library for Android
  • RxGcm - RxJava extension for Android Google Cloud Messaging
  • RxGoogleMaps - Rx wrapper around GoogleMaps
  • RxPalette - RxJava bindings for the Palette library on Android
  • RxPermissions - Android M runtime permissions powered by RxJava
  • RxSocialConnect-Android - OAuth RxJava extension for Android.
  • RxTuples - RxTuples is a library to smooth RxJava usage by adding simple Tuple creation functions
  • RxWear - Reactive Wearable API Library for Android
Contributions welcome

If you know a project that's not listed here, submit a pull request and help to expand the list.

  • Please keep the alphabetical order when adding something to one of the lists
  • Libraries should have a descriptive README with usage examples and download urls at the very least
  • It's suggested to submit 1 lib / pull request, so that they can be merged independently