A short introduction to git for beginners

6 years after

This is the project GitForBeginners. It aims to assist the newbie to learn and use git.

Sorry I just got too tired to write more words on this README file. Please read through the git_beamer.pdf and finish the exercises.

For the intren students in our lab, please follow me on github (Well, you can unfollow me later). Then wait for my message before you preceed to clone the project.

git clone [email protected]:weijianwen/GitForBeginners.git

Limit your modification towards the project to the Drfat Area (below) of README.mkd, unless you're sure that what you are doing is a contribution to the project.

Feedback is always welcomed. You can open an issue on github (recommended) or write me an email.

Recommended Materials for Learning git


Draft Area

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  • hello new branch. April 11th . chenxm

  • git sucks. April 11th. Brian +hello April 11th.zhaoxuanchen..